Compass Couriers is a freight forwarding company that provides customers and businesses with a free US shipping address for purchases from online stores and also serves as a drop off location. You can come in and place your order at our Freeport location, or you can order from the comfort of your home using your US address as your shipping address.
You can sign up here. Once you’ve signed up with us, you will receive your free US address. If you do not receive the address after sign up, please contact our customer service department or email us at
You are billed for Freight and Customs Duty.
Ensure you or your supplier send all the necessary documents (packing lists, commercial invoice) correctly in a timely fashion manner. You can email your invoice to
Yes, we have a receiving warehouse at 284 SW 33rd Ct, Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33315.
Once your packages are on island, simply login to your Compass portal and choose to pay for your invoice online or cash on delivery.
Yes we do. Please see our rates for more information.
We will combine all your packages and treat them as single shipment. Rates start at $35.00. You will receive all packages together saving you time and money. Consolidation does not involve the repackaging of items.
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