Compass Couriers Shipping Policy

Please be guided by our below shipping policies regarding cargo.  Feel free to contact our Compass crew for any clarification on policies at

(i)  All shippers are responsible for opening a Compass account with detailed and accurate information.

(ii) All shippers are responsible for submitting legitimate invoices for presentation to Bahamas Customs as well as any documentation for bond or concessions to be utilized.

(iii) All shippers are required to verify items notified on receipt to Florida warehouse to match items ordered.  Compass Couriers is not responsible for any short-shipped items received.

(iv) All shippers are required to address receipt of any damaged goods at Florida warehouse with vendor.

(v) All shippers are responsible for submitting requests for consolidation of items as well as release of items for shipment in Compass portal.

(vi) Compass Couriers is not responsible for any cost of missing unreceived items or items received damaged.

(vii) Storage Fees: Any parcel uncollected within 5 days may be after arrival notification maybe subject to a $5 per day per parcel storage fee.

(viii) Compass Courier reserves the right to require insurance of high-risk fragile items (Please contact our Customer Service for details)

Compass Couriers Damaged Goods Policy

There are instances when shipped parcels gets damaged during transit.  If your item is damaged or defective upon receipt to our Florida warehouse, you will be notified by a crew member and act per your instructions.

We strive to resolve such issues at the earliest and would like our customers to read the following pointers for a smooth resolution:

(i) Once notified we asked that you communicate to Customer Service (CS) about how to handle your damaged product issue within 48 hours of notification.

(ii) If product damage notification is not acknowledged and directives given, cargo will be shipped per normal freight forwarding process.

(iv) Photographic proof can be requested along with damage with part numbers and product descriptions.

(v) The customer will be responsible for all shipping costs to return or replace the item (and any related items from the order).

Compass Couriers Return Goods Policy

(i) In the event of buyer’s remorse, wrong items, product no longer wanted etc., a request for return can be accommodated by our Compass crew.  Please note that all returns execution may incur additional cost.

(ii) Compass Couriers will bare no responsibility or cost for any miscommunication in any returns. All execution with product vendor must be carried out by the shipper.

(iii) All exchange requests must be sent by email to and clearly state Shippers names, Phone, email and address contacts as well as product tracking number, items and quantity.